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Investment Accountant of Life and Pension Portfolios

We are a normal company with normal people. We do not choose colleagues according to boosted CVs, but according to what they are and what their drive is. We dress as we like. Nobody pretends anything here.

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Typ úvazku Full-time work

Whether you are an accountant or have experience with securities, this could be an opportunity just for you. There is not such pressure as in "the big four", but at the same time it doesn’t mean you finish everyday at 4.

3 reasons why?

  • You will learn a lot about securities and their clearing.
  • You will use a lot of English, which will keep you in good shape.
  • You will have a safe place in a solid company.

What will I do?

  • Set up and update policies and procedures for evidence, ensure revaluation and accounting of individual investment portfolios of insurance company and pension funds.
  • Take responsibility for month end reconciliation and closing procedures.
  • Communicate with the accounting system provider.
  • Ensure evidence, data import, revaluation and accounting of all transactions in individual investment portfolios.
  • Cooperate with portfolio manager, banks including depository banks, actuarial department and others.
  • Prepare documents and data for audit, tax advisor, depository bank and other control authorities and cooperation with them.
  • Take responsibility for reporting of investment portfolios for controlling, actuaries and ČNB.
  • Take responsibility for trailer fee calculation control.
  • Be in charge of projects related to investments and accounting.

What will my team look like and who is it’s manager?

At full capacity, our team consists of a manager and 3 colleagues (you will meet the manager in the first round, the other team members in the second).

How does the team leader, Jirka Major, see himself?:
"I am a kind boss. I try to help my colleagues, on the other hand I am sometimes too informal. I'm still learning something, so I'm always very happy when someone else comes up with a solution instead of me.”

What can I look forward to?

  • To great freedom and home office, which worked very well for us even before the corona virus crisis. Theoretically, you don’t have to go to the office at all. It's only up to you when you do your job. The result is what matters.
  • In order to have everything you need in the "home office", you will receive a contribution.
  • A great feeling of satisfaction when the numbers at the end of the day fit :)
  • If you do not feel well, you can take the advantage of 5 sick days.
  • You will enjoy 5 weeks of vacation.
  • "Buddy" will help you with orientation in the company - your mentor, whom you can turn to with anything. After all, the support and help of the whole team is a matter of course.
  • We will also contribute to your culture and sport events or travelling. We have a rich cafeteria and a Multisport card.
  • Look forward to professional tailor-made training.

What is expected of me?

  • Education in the economic field.
  • English - you will daily communicate with colleagues in Hague (describe the problem they are currently solving), mostly in written form. Czech language is required (Czech is more spoken at the headquarters - with an accountant or finance department).
  • Basic knowledge of securities.
  • Advanced skills in Excel (SQL/Macros) is a big advantage (but not a MUST).
  • Accounting SW TOPAS is a great advantage (but not a MUST).

Okay, I’m in

The interview with us is not like sitting in front of the graduation committee, but a pleasant conversation, where we will explain all you wish to know and we will be happy to learn more about you.

Let us know you are interested. Feel free to call and come for a coffee. We look forward to meeting you.

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